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Adventure X Series

Adventure X

Evans Cycles are the proud sponsors of the 2014 Adventure X series, a new event discipline for cyclists. Incorporating both road, off road tracks, trails bridleways & lanes. A cross country adventure by bike. All routes are designed to be ridden with knobbly tyres whether that’s your cyclo cross bike or mountain bike you decide!

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Galloway Gallop Adventure X

Online booking has now closed, however you can still book your place on the day. Galloway Forest Park, Dumfries, Scotland, Sunday 21st September. Remote lochs & valleys, miles of wide open vistas, challenging multi surface forest roads, mildly mountaineous terrain and all under big skies makes this an Adventure Cross event that will take you places where most riders have never ventured before!

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Lakeland Monster Miles Adventure X

Fitz Park, Keswick, Cumbria, Sunday 12th October. Both picturesque and challenging, offering something for everyone. The route is a mix of bridleways, flowing trails, tracks and minor mainly traffic free lanes showing off the full range of what the Lakes have to offer and circumnavigating the Skiddaw Massif. With 2 route choice you can decide what suit’s your ability.

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